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Is there a way to take care of your body, with small natural gestures.This is I Provenzali range, composed of natural cosmetics, made in total respect of nature and without animal testing (cruelty free): to take care of yourself and of the environment in which we live, in a single gesture

I Provenzali Bioorganic cosmetics

Strictly certified and with the percentage of organic ingredients as high as possible.Really Organic.

Provenzali Bio are certified by CCPB, Italian Inspection and Certification Body for Organic Product..

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I Provenzalinatural cosmetics

A wide range of products inspired by the traditional method with a look to the future. A line from the rich and infinite sweetness, excellent care and hygiene of the whole family.

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Credibility is based
on facts
quality, tradition, craftsmanship and environment care.

Today Saponificio Gianasso is a company that, by its own tradition of true innovation, is on the market as an alternative to industrial and synthesis production. The tradition that embraces the future and love the environment.

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