“We do not pretend to save the world, but just be more aware of our responsibilities”

The environment is not only a space, but it is the relationship that unites men in the past, present and future. I Provenzali has always been committed to safeguarding the environment, the nature and the immense surrounding heritage. An ecological spirit, responsible and aware to protect and preserve the heritage of future generations.


“Satisfy the needs today, without compromising the ability of future generations to satisfy their own in the economic, environmental and social area.”


I Provenzali natural and organic cosmetics are produced with energy from renewable sources, on the Italian territory, using ecological and recycled or recyclable pack, selecting natural and organic raw materials respectful of a traced chain, trying not to cause any negative impact on the environment around us and on the animal world that live in it.


On 31 May 2018, I Provenzali certified the first specification for Sustainable Cosmetics in Italy, approved by an independent third party that verified the application, identifying the commitments to be respect:

  • Only No OGM raw materials, not of animal origin nor tested on animals after 11/03/2013;
  • RSPO certified palm oil soap chips only (certified and sustainable plantations);
  • For all raw materials at risk of ethical impact on workers, only suppliers have been selected that guarantee the manufacturer’s commitment to ensuring decent, safe working conditions and fair pay according to local laws;
  • For all raw materials at risk of food impact (and whose consumption on the farm is a significant quantity) their waste is used, so as not to affect the availability of the food source;
  • Only paper, cardboard and wood from sustainably managed forests;
  • Only packaging that is recyclable and/or recycled for at least 50% of its total weight;
  • Selection of suppliers according to requirements of social responsibility and environmental awareness.


The voluntary choice to characterize all cosmetics I Provenzali as Sustainable Cosmetics arises from the need to want to harmonize in a single tool all the commitments that we have always assumed. The aim is to try to provide an innovative contribution that will not make us more beautiful, but more aware! In order not to risk creating and then using a self-referential tool, we ask an independent third party, world leader in control, verification and certification services for Quality, Environment, Safety and Social Responsibility, to verify the constant application of our Product Specification at all stages of the production of the cosmetic product, from design to production.

The 28/05/21 Rina Services Spa has issued the certificate n. COSM_DTP01_01/2021.

The Sustainable Cosmetics Logo on all packs:

All the packs of I Provenzali natural and organic cosmetics are marked with the logo Sustainable Cosmetics, to help in the clear identification of the product. Sustainable Cosmetics guarantees you quality raw materials:

  • Chain of origin traced;
  • Dignity of work;
  • Respect for the environment and protection of animals.

Transparent formula

I Provenzali always declares in the label the exact percentages of organic and natural raw materials contained in the formulas, with a clear and unequivocal language.
In addition, within each label, you will find a second in-depth page with the translation of all raw materials from technical language to common language, their functionality and the level of naturalness…


The entire production chain of I Provenzali, from raw materials to the finished product, is certified by LAV, Anti Vivisection League.


On 4 November 2003 Gianasso was one of the first companies in Italy to adhere to the International Standard “Stop animal testing”, undergoing periodic checks of ICEA for LAV and obtaining the Certificate n. 009 an independent certification for a precise moral commitment: today in fact the European Union prohibits all tests on animals in the cosmetic field, but the choice of I Provenzali is to maintain the voluntary certification, because since 2003 it has followed the policy of not using animal tests, making ethical choice a guarantee to the consumer and not including raw materials tested on animals long before the directive imposed the stop.


Since 1977 LAV has been fighting against the exploitation of animals and for the recognition of their rights, promoting laws to defend them and monitoring their application.

In addition, LAV carries out awareness campaigns and information to citizens and develops educational projects aimed at children and schools, thus achieving the objectives set, as the Laws 189/2004 against the Mistreatment of Animals and the Law 201/2010 against the Trafficking of Puppies.

Nowadays Italy is the second country in the world to ban cat and dog fur, and one of the first in Europe to ban seal fur. The companies certified by ICEA for LAV undertake not to carry out, either directly or commissioning them to third parties, animal tests on raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products, also monitoring their suppliers and producers.


All the packs of natural and organic cosmetics I Provenzali are marked with the logo LAV FROM THE ANIMAL PART.


I Provenzali has been supporting WWF Italy Projects, since 2004.


Gianasso has always worked according to strict formulation rules for obtaining natural and organic cosmetics. This has allowed the company to establish a solid relationship, constructive and exchange with WWF. In 2004, a prestigious but challenging partnership was born: I Provenzali and WWF Italy collaborate together already in the design phase for a more natural and sustainable cosmetics.


The World Wide Fund For Nature was founded in Switzerland in 1961 and nowadays is the most important organization for the nature conservation. The symbol of the “Panda” is one of the most known and respected in the world: a symbol of commitment, concreteness and positivity for the protection of natural ecosystems and for the future of human. All WWF projects and activities play a fundamental role in stopping the degradation of the environment and helping people to live in greater harmony with nature.


The Baby line of products, certified organic by CCPB and compliant with the Technical Regulations of Sustainable Cosmetics today verified by RINA Services, was created jointly with WWF Italy. You recognize it because you can find the Panda logo on the front of the pack! 100% recycled and recyclable plastic for both caps and bottles, FSC certified cardboard, organic certified formulas according to CCPB standards. Our company is certified Made in Italy thanks to an entirely Italian production. Our headquarters, in Campomorone in Liguria (Genoa), uses energy from our own photovoltaic system.


“Global Warming” Emergency: you can give… a paw too!

An initiative dedicated to the protection of the polar bear, whose survival is endangered by the melting of ice. Through this project, I Provenziali helped WWF establish a protected area between Canada and Greenland.

Safeguarding the Italian Trio

An initiative to protect three endangered species: wolf, bear and dolphin. Thanks to this project, I Provenzali has supported WWF by financing the reception work at the Wild Animals Recovery Centers (CRAS), counteracting the phenomenon of poaching and funding the Cetacean Sanctuary of the Ligurian Sea.

Protection of Sea Turtles

An initiative dedicated to the defense of marine and coastal ecosystems of the Mediterranean Sea that host sea turtles. I Provenzali has contributed to the creation of WWF Specialized Centers for the recovery of specimens in difficulty, the protection of nesting areas and dissemination and training activities aimed at the community and visitors of the WWF Protected Oasis.

Safeguarding the Green Heart of Africa

An initiative dedicated to the protection of the undisputed kingdom of gorillas and elephants, constantly threatened by invasive human activities. Thanks to this project, I Provenzali has helped to combat deforestation and support anti-harvest patrols.


Inside I Provenzali cosmetics, none of the raw materials used is from animal origin or has involved, due to its availability, the exploitation of animals.


Natural and organic I Provenzali cosmetics are 100% vegan: this means that no raw material from animal origin or which has led to the abuse of animals due to its availability, has been used for their production. To obtain these results, a continuous and careful selection of plant-derived and natural active ingredients and a continuous improvement of the formulations are required.


All packs of natural and organic I Provenzali cosmetics are marked with the logo 100% vegan.


Gianasso uses only Renewable Energy. The production plant in Campomorone (Genoa) since 2012 has been largely powered by a photovoltaic system and also the energy purchased by the Enel network is certified as produced by renewable sources (water, sun, wind, geothermal and biomass) through the Guarantees of Origin system, in compliance with Directive 2009/28/EC and managed by the Energy Services Manager.


Gianasso has always paid attention to waste, the reuse of waste, the use of energy and the consequent reduction of CO2. This is why the production site in Campomorone is equipped with a photovoltaic system for responsible energy consumption, 100% Green. It is a system of 350 panels that allows to produce a lot of the energy needed for the production activity, with a significant saving of CO2 emissions.
From April 2019 100% of the energy used for the production of cosmetics I Provenzali is entirely from renewable sources, thanks to our photovoltaic system and other renewable sources for a green energy.


Photovoltaic systems produce energy using the sun, the most natural of sources. Solar panels use semiconductor materials, such as silicon, to convert the energy of solar radiation into electricity. The photovoltaic systems installed are fortunately constantly increasing; today the photovoltaic in Italy already covers 7% of the national electricity needs.


Energy produced

We produce millions of cosmetics every year using the solar energy , thus reducing our CO2 emissions.


An initiative that involved our community and that allowed us to grow our “I Provenzali” forest with more than 600 trees. A project to maintain biodiversity, absorb CO2 and, above all, support local communities.


For I Provenzali are used exclusively bottles, cases, wrappers and labels in recycled and recyclable material.


For natural and organic I PROVENZALI cosmetics, we carefully choose the most suitable pack after a careful analysis of its environmental impact; therefore, we avoid, whenever possible, virgin materials or materials derived from polluting processing processes. We use recyclable glass, recycled plastic from separate collection, FSC® certified paper to support responsible forest management.


Recycling refers to a set of strategies and methodologies aimed at recovering useful materials from waste, in order to reuse them rather than dispose of them directly in landfills and incinerators. Recycling prevents the waste of potentially useful materials by ensuring greater sustainability, reducing raw material consumption, energy use and greenhouse gas emissions.

That’s why, since 2011, we only use 100% post-consumer plastic (RPET) for our bottles, that is, from the separate collection. When we make separate collection, the water bottles are processed by special machines that regenerate them and give them new life… so you too continue this endless cycle!


The FSC brand on the I Provenzali natural and organic cosmetics packs

The paper or cardboard packaging of natural and organic I Provenzali cosmetics bear the mark FSC®, the mark of responsible forest management – Forest Stewardship Council®: this brand ensures that the entire wood-supply chain paper derived from environmentally friendly, socially useful and economically sustainable forest management.

The invitation to recycling on all I Provenzali packs

All the packs of natural and organic I Provenzali cosmetics inform and invite to a proper recycling.

FSC Certified Wooden Display Stands on Stores

The commitment of I Provenzali in using certified material, also extends to the realization of their display, choosing wooden furniture certified FSC® designed for small and large supermarkets for exhibition and sale of natural and organic cosmetics. Today you can find more than 200 in Italy, even in the store near your home!

In the autumn of 2016, moreover, a pilot project was born with the name “La natura ti dona: una storia 100% Made in Italy”, where for the first time, a regulatory body, a social cooperative and a manufacturing company collaborated together, to offer a proposal of environmentally friendly cosmetics from all points of view:

  • FSC Italy, Organization that through its certification mark guarantees the origin of the material used, or wood from forests managed in a correct and responsible (in this case of Trentino and Lombardy)
  • Palm Design, a Mantuan company specialized in eco-sustainable furniture and committed to integrating socially disadvantaged categories in the production of a high quality craftsmanship.

Gianasso awarded by CONAI for the ecological renewal of products I Provenzali

The new pack and the logistics solutions adopted allow every day the reduction of CO2 emissions, energy savings and the reduction of water used for production processes. We are constantly committed to reducing the environmental impact of cosmetics I Provenzali:

  • The packaging of the Organic Aloe Repair Shampoo has been simplified through the elimination of the paper case, the cap and bottle have suffered a reduction in weight, with a total saving of 51% of resources and, finally, the share of recycled material in the composition of the bottle increased by 50%, making it to 100% recycled material;
  • The weight of the shampoo bottles has been reduced by 9% and, more consistent, was the lightening of the cap that today weighs 36% less. In addition, the share of recycled material in the composition of the bottle, initially equal to 30%, is now 100%. Finally, the cardboard used has been replaced with FSC certified cardboard;
  • With the new bottle and the new peel-off label in 100% recycled plastic of Bath Foam, we have reduced energy consumption by 35%, 50% water consumption and 25% CO2 emissions;
  • With the elimination of the case, the new 100% recycled plastic bottle and the new Children’s Oil cap, we have reduced the energy used by 50%, 60% water consumption and 45% CO2 emissions;
  • With the elimination of the case and the reduction of the amount of paper used in the remaking of the Soap with Scented Almond Oil, we have reduced the energy used by 55%, by 40% water consumption and by 35% CO2 emissions.

Labels that speaks

For I Provenzali, the product must be able to “tell”, providing the consumer as much information as possible.

It is in this perspective that all the packs have a multi-page and peel able label that explains in a simple and clear every single ingredient, its functionality and its level of naturalness thanks to a simple system of “leaves”:

  • (3 leaves) raw material 100% vegetable
  • (2 leaves) materials of natural origin, (we are working to reach 100% vegetable)
  • (1 leaf) can be improved with even more natural alternatives, but only if they are equally effective.


All raw materials and I Provenzali products are subjected to strict laboratory tests to ensure your safety.

Our technicians carry out continuous Quality Tests on the new formulations, on each batch in production and sample on the products already on sale. The products with specific performance are also subjected to Efficacy Testing in Specialized Laboratories involving significant samples of volunteers.


All I Provenzali cosmetic formulas are dermatologically tested, the most delicate are tested on sensitive skin. For all production orders we also carry out the Test for heavy metals (Nickel, Chrome and Cobalt) with results < 0.0001 %. (This percentage may vary depending on the specificity of the product, always check the precise data on the package)


In addition, all I Provenzali natural cosmetics are identified with the logo Natural Product or Natural Origin.

  • Natural Product identifies cosmetics made with high percentages of vegetable raw materials.
  • Natural Origin identifies all products made with high percentages of raw materials of vegetable origin to ensure the most natural possible.

We promise only what we can prove

The performance declared on the packs of I Provenzali natural and organic cosmetics are always validated by third parties, independent laboratories.


For I Provenzali Organic cosmetics are used exclusively natural raw materials and certified natural origin and from organic farming.


In 2009 I Provenzali obtained the Organic Certification of CCPB Control and Certification for the Argan Organic Line, consisting of new products entirely formulated with natural raw materials and natural origin, for 95% Certified Organic, without GMOs and with 100% natural fragrances.


CCPB operates as a certification and control body of agri-food products and “no food” obtained in the field of organic production and in eco-friendly and eco-sustainable. To carry out its activities, CCPB is in possession of all accreditations and authorizations. Among these we mention the Ministry for Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies for compliance with the European standard Reg CE 834/07 on organic farming, accreditation according to the UNI CEI EN 45011 standard and permits in the USA, Japan, Canada, Switzerland, Sweden, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Norway, Brazil and Korea.


All packs of I Provenzali organic products are marked with the CCPB logo.

Transparency for the Consumer

I Provenzali always states on the label the exact percentages of organic and natural raw materials contained in cosmetics with a clear and unequivocal language.

Chain Control

All organic raw materials used for the production of I Provenzali products are purchased only after verification of the Certificate of Conformity to the requirements set out in EC Regulations 834/2007 and 889/08; Subsequent checks shall ensure the absence of residues of pesticides and GMOs.


I Provenzali are designed and produced entirely in Italy, thus maintaining and creating new jobs, generating income and wealth for the welfare of the country.


I Provenzali natural and organic products are made with a production cycle completely carried out in Italy; this has allowed the Company to obtain the 100% Made in Italy Certification, issued by the Institute for the Protection of Italian Producers, in line with the parameters provided by the Italian legislation in force (Law 166/09). We have always been attentive to the richness and potential of our territory, that is why our supply chain is totally Italian, from conception to processing, no outsourcing in territories with cheap labour, but maintenance of jobs in the territory.


The 100% Made in Italy Certification, issued after a process of investigation and verification by the Institute of Protection of Italian Producers, certifies that I Provenzali natural and organic products are made:

  • entirely in Italy
  • with Italian semi-finished products
  • with high-quality, natural materials
  • adopting traditional Italian handicrafts
  • with our exclusive Company

The Made in Italy logo on all I Provenzali packs

All the packs of I Provenzali natural and organic products are marked with the “Made in Italy” logo.

The ID card on each product

I Provenzali has chosen to communicate in a transparent and effective way the origin of all cosmetics; with the Identity Card available on, the consumer can easily check the salient characteristics and place of packaging for a 100% Made in Italy product.


The I Provenzali 100% natural and vegetable cosmetics are made without affecting valuable food resources.


A new great challenge for I Provenzali: propose cosmetics that are inspired and use 100% natural and vegetable materials, without these take away food to humanity. We involved the Italian excellences of the food industry, just those producers who work every day to ensure quality and genuineness on our tables, and we asked him for the raw materials “advanced” by the processing process, or the production surplus that is not used in the food sector. What that for someone is a refusal, in Campomorone becomes a treasure.

By 2050 the world’s population will grow to 9.2 billion people who will require the production of 60% more food. In addition, to worsen this scenario, every year we waste 1.3 billion* of food and a third* of crops is destined for alternative uses to food (biofuels, bioplastics, etc.)
*Data source: FAO 2015



In our opinion, there are some raw materials that we use for some I Provenzali cosmetics that could affect the balance from the food point of view. Even asking ourselves this question is for us a conscious choice, and therefore sustainable must be its use in formula: the Sea Salt for our scrubs, the almonds squeezed for our Sweet Almond Oil and extracts from fruit, have been selected “second choice”. That’s why we have sealed with suppliers a “Declaration of supply of raw material not for food use” to limit the risk of their food impact. This is what we mean by a potentially high-risk food impact chain: a raw material, the use of which in high quantities can subtract primary food resources, that is essential for the feeding of the populations of the territories of origin.

Oil of sweet almonds

The I Provenzali Sweet Almond Oil is made thanks to the creation of a local chain, with selected almonds from: Piedmont, Campania and Sicily. The raw materials, after harvesting, are cold pressed, without solvents or chemicals, thus ensuring absolute purity. A high quality product, but no longer suitable for nutrition because selected as a second refinement, great for moisturizing and massaging the body in a natural way.

Bath salts

I Provenzali Bath Salts are made with artisanal method controlled chain. The selected sea salt comes from the Molentargius Regional Natural Park, in the South of Sardinia, an area of natural interest because it is a nesting place for pink flamingos. A high quality product, with a raw material no longer suitable for nutrition, but excellent for giving the body a moment of relaxation in a natural way.