When Gianasso Group began its growth, it needed an organization: and which could be better than the one related to a Quality Management System certifiable in accordance with the regulation UNI EN ISO9001? That’s it, this is how our certification was born, from a concrete need and not with the desire of a logo to use for commercial purposes. With the passing of time, our System improves and develops according to the needs of the Company: the procedures regulate all the compartments and constitute a shared reference point, while operative instructions and modules are a daily working tool.


The protection of the environment and nature has always been in the DNA of the company: these principles have inspired the restructuring of the Campomorone Headquarters and, subsequently, Genoa Borzoli offices, following the criteria of the regulation UNI EN ISO14001: energy and water saving, controlled and industrial waste disposal, forecasting and management of all the possible impacts on environment. Certificating immediately after the management system adopted was a natural consequence. Today our system is based on the integration of quality and environmental management with a great attention to safety of employees and all those who work for us (suppliers, maintenance companies, visitors ecc…), in a not yet certificated structure but completely articulate.

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