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Face Soap Sulphur

For combination, oily and impure skin

The Purifying Soap with Sulphur performs a delicate cleansing on combination, oily and impure skin. Excellent for effective, but not aggressive, daily cleansing. It is made respecting the original recipe… Find out more



Answers to your questions

Giuditta from Taranto asked

Thanks Giuditta, in fact for the formulation of I Provenzali Sulphur Soap we have just thought of a delicate product for impure and acne-prone skin and which need constant but, not too aggressive daily cleansing.

Lucilla from Bologna asked

Palm oil is a raw material of great concern as intensive orchards have expanded considerably to respond to excessive consumption by multinationals, with the devastating destruction of the forests, habitat of our gorilla friends. I Provenzali Sulphur Soap, and progressively all of our products, is formulated with RSPO (The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) certified Palm Oil.

Inspired by ancient beauty rituals, this line of products is for those who love tradition.

The I Provenzali Ancient Remedies product line was created to fully exploit the potential of Nature and popular knowledge.
Nature offers infinite possibilities and resources, it is part of our commitment to put them at the service of your well-being and health.
Because Nature loves to surprise us and we love to surprise ourselves with her.