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Organic Aloe Intimate Wash

With Natural Antibacterial

The Delicate Aloe Organic Intimate Cleanser gives a feeling of fresh well-being and is ideal for the daily hygiene of the whole family. Its formula has moisturizing and soothing virtues that stimulate the skin’s defenses… Find out more



Answers to your questions

Veronica from Milan asked

Of course, the Aloe Organic Intimate Cleanser has been created with the Aloe complex (gel, flower, water and oil) to which we added erilite, a sugar with moisturizing and refreshing virtues, rice starch with soothing properties and others active ingredients that stimulate the skin’s defenses.

Ludmilla from Verona asked

Thanks, the very fresh and citrus scent used in all the products of the Aloe Line was created by the best “Nose”s and is 100% from natural origin.

Aloe Vera is often defined as the “miracle plant” and has multiple virtues, so much so that throughout history it has been widely used for medicinal purposes. The transparent and dense gel contained in Aloe Vera leaves is a natural source of many important nourishing elements, it is famous and widely used for its soothing and calming properties on irritated and reddened skin. The Certified Organic Aloe Cosmetic Line of products does not only use the internal gel of the leaf, but the entire plant, every “piece”, creating a synergy with: Oily Aloe extract, Glyceric extract from the Aloe flower and Distilled Aloe Water, for a 100% natural effectiveness and Ø waste.