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Shea Oil

Natural treatment for face and body

In addition to protecting the skin from atmospheric agents, Shea Oil is excellent for restoring skin hydration. Thanks to its marked emollient, restorative and nourishing properties, it is excellent for chapped or dry skin… Find out more



Answers to your questions

Nunzia from Reggio Calabria asked

Yes of course, I Provenzali Shea Oil is excellent for both face and body. In particular, we recommend it in winter on chapped and dry skin and in summer as an after sun.

Stefano from Bogliasco asked

Nickel is a banned substance in the cosmetic field, therefore it is never included as such or as a derivative in the productions. Nothing excludes, for any cosmetic product, however, that traces of this metal (by traces we mean ppm or parts per million) can reach the finished product as impurities dragged by the packaging material and / or by raw materials.

The Shea Tree is an African plant that produces a nut from which, through a complex and laborious maceration process, an ointment with hydrating and nourishing properties is obtained.
We have dedicated a range of effective products for body, face and hair care to this little natural treasure.