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Sweet Almond Body Cream

With Shea Butter for a silk effect

The Sweet Almond Body Cream leaves the skin hydrated, soft, silky, smooth and envelops the body in a delicate almond aroma, thanks to the formula rich… Find out more



Answers to your questions

Patrizia from Foggia asked

Sure Patrizia, the I Provenzali Sweet Almond Body Cream has a light, rapidly absorbed texture that contains all the moisturizing power of the sweet almonds it contains, your skin will immediately be soft and silky.

Lara from Rovigo asked

Dear Lara, it is sufficient to apply the cream on dry and clean skin morning and evening, but if you have particularly dry skin you can apply it several times because its particular formula is not greasy and absorbs quickly.

Sweet Almond Oil has always been known for its emollient, softening, nourishing, soothing properties and for being suitable also for the most sensitive skin. It is rich in vitamins and excellent for preventing skin aging by making the skin more elastic.
Extracted by cold pressing, I Provenzali Sweet Almond Oil and all the products in the line are ideal for hydrating the body, face and hair.