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Vegetable Soap

A rainbow of colors and scents

These handcrafted Vegetable Soaps are unique and long-lasting, both in their scent and in the softness of their foam on the skin. They are produced in a modern style, but… Find out more



Answers to your questions

Marina from Brescia asked

Thanks Marina, we have dedicated a lot of attention to the selection of essences and delicate pastel colors to create a real “rainbow of perfumes”. The scent persists until the last flake of soap!

Clara from Frosinone asked

For the soap base of our products we only use soap shavings derived from palm oil certified according to the RSPO Mass Balance standard. RSPO is the English acronym for “Round Table on Sustainable Palm Oil”, the aim of which is to promote the growth and use of economically, environmentally, socially and ethically sustainable palm oil products through the adoption and verification of the application of a standard.

Natural and scented, I Provenzali soaps are the result of an ancient traditional recipe that has its roots in the tradition of Ligurian Provence.
Each bar of soap brings with it different peculiarities, qualities and fragrances. From the Chamomile soap to the Olive Oil soap, each one contains unique properties designed especially for you. Love for every skin types.